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Last updated on 24 February 2022.

  • What are the features of a Ninja Pack? 
    • Ninja Packs are inclusive of the following:
    • Prepaid (COD payment through Last Mile fulfillment team)
    • Unli-weight
    • VAT-inclusive
    • No Return to Sender (RTS) fees and with 2 delivery attempts
    • with basic insurance of up to P2,000
    • with 1-year validity from the date of receipt
  • What is the difference between the White Ninja Pack and Red Ninja Pack design?

 Ninja Packs

Delivery Destination

White Ninja Packs

  • Delivery destination is outside the province of origin

Red Ninja Packs

  • Pick up & delivery destination is within Metro Manila or 
  • Pick up & delivery destination is within the same province for non-Metro Manila Shippers.
      • Where can I buy Ninja Packs?
        Ninja Packs are available online, exclusively on this website and on Shopee App.
      • How much is a Ninja Pack?
        Ninja Packs are sold in bundles of 5 and priced at P400 (RED, for within your pick up province deliveries) and P750 (WHITE, for outside you pick up province deliveries). It is equivalent to P80 per Ninja Pack for within your pick-up city, P150 per Ninja Pack for outside your pick-up city. Solo Packs are also available at P85 and P155 for Red and White prepaid pouches, respectively.
      • How do I make a payment for my ordered Ninja Packs?
        We provide cash-on-delivery service wherever we deliver so you never have to worry about cash collection again.
      • What are the serviceable areas if I want to purchase a Ninja Pack?
        Ninja Packs are available for all online sellers and small to medium businesses covered by our serviceable areas, see serviceable area page for reference.
      • How long do I have to wait to receive my Ninja Packs order?
        For Metro Manila Shippers, they will be delivered to your recipient within 2 to 3 working days and within 3 to 7 working days for Provincial Shippers
      • Can a shipper return/exchange Ninja Packs?
        Packs purchased are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

        1. I don’t know how to use Ninja Packs. Could you help me?

      Sure thing! To help you get started, please visit our tutorial page here for a step-by-step guide. You'll be set in a couple of minutes, it's that simple!

        1. Do I need to write anything on the Pack?

      We will only use the information you key in during the order creation process in your Dashboard to deliver your Ninja Pack to their recipient. If unfortunately, the delivery is still unsuccessful after 2 attempts, we will also use the return address you provided in your Ninja Dashboard to return the goods to you.

        1. Do I need to print an airway bill to use my Ninja Pack?

      Ninja Packs do not require an airway bill. We will only use the QR code on your Packs to access the required information for sorting and delivery.

        1. Do Ninja Packs have an expiry date?

      Every Ninja Pack comes with an expiry date, which is indicated right next to the Pack's tracking ID (QR Code). The usage period is typically >12 months from the date of purchase.

        1. Can I send goods outside the Philippines?

      No. Ninja Packs can exclusively be used for domestic deliveries in Singapore, and there are a few restricted areas to which we cannot deliver: please read the "Serviceable Areas" section below for more details. If you are looking to ship goods overseas, please get in touch with our Sales team at

        1. If the delivery is unsuccessful or RTS, can a shipper still use a Ninja Pack?

      The Ninja Pack will be considered used if the delivery is unsuccessful.

        1. How does Cash on Delivery works?

      When creating the Ninja Pack order (on your Ninja Dashboard), you can input the amount which you wish for our driver to collect from your customer in the COD section. Our driver will collect the stated amount from your customer upon delivery. At the end of the month, we will consolidate the total COD payment and transfer it to your bank account.

        1. Does Ninja Van collect Cash on Delivery Fee?

      A delivery fee of 3.5% or Php 25.00 whichever is higher of each cash payment collected. This amount will be directly deducted from the next payment to your bank account.

        1. How can a shipper withdraw COD payout?

      Shipper must trigger a COD withdrawal request via the COD wallet of the Ninja Dash Lite

        1. What is the schedule of the COD payout?

      Payment for the Cash on Delivery Service shall be made on a twice a week basis based on the shipper’s withdrawal request date through the COD wallet on Ninja Dash Lite
      Remittance schedule to any requests made from Sunday to Tuesday will be paid out on Friday of the same week, while the requests made from Wednesday to Saturday shall be paid out the following Tuesday.

        1. How can I track the Ninja Packs I have purchased online?

      To follow the status of your Ninja Packs, you can either :

          1. Use the tracking link that has been sent over to you via email once your order has been confirmed and prepared.
          2. Visit our tracking page and key in your tracking ID to find out exactly where your Ninja Packs are.
        1. I need my Ninja Packs very urgently. Can you deliver them quickly?

      We are currently not able to address express delivery requests. Rest assured that our team always does its best to fulfill Ninja Packs orders as early as possible (within 1 working day after confirmation). From then, it takes typically an extra 2 to 3 working days to reach your doorstep.

        1. How can I track the parcels that I have sent to my customers?

      If you (or your customer) are looking to know what is the status of delivery via Ninja Pack, simply visit our tracking page and key the tracking ID of the Ninja Pack you're looking to locate.

        1. My customer wasn’t at home to receive his parcel. What’s happens next?

      Every Ninja Pack comes with 2 free delivery attempts. If your recipient isn't available to receive your parcel the first time, we will try to deliver the Ninja Pack again 1 more time. If the parcel is still undelivered after 2 tries, we will proceed to return the Ninja Pack to you.

        1. When will the shipper’s customer receive the Ninja Pack parcels?

      Typically it takes 2-3 working days for Metro Manila and 3-7 working days for Provincial.

        1. What if a customer uses a Red Ninja Pack for a delivery to an outside of pick up province origin address, and vice versa?

      All-RED Packs used for outside pick up province of origin, will be triggered as RTS. The shipper will get a notification email. Once Red Pack is triggered as RTS due to misuse, it will be considered used/forfeited.

        1. One of my Ninja Packs has an “INVALID TRACKING NUMBER”. What can I do?

      Your Ninja Packs' tracking ID starts with "NINPH..."
      Before reaching out to us, please attempt to follow the procedures below as they usually solve most of the problems.

              1. Instead of our mobile app, try to create your order on our desktop version of Ninja Dashboard.
              2. Double check under the "Order History" tab if any order is tied to the tracking ID you're trying to use. Occasionally, your order may have be created without the system to inform you accurately.
              3. Proceed to a hard refresh. On a computer operationg Windows, hold down Ctrl and ⇧ Shift and then press R. On a computer operating Mac OS, hold down ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and then press R.

      If, after attempting the procedures above, your problem hasn't been solved, please reach out to us at and provide us with :

              - Your Ninja Pack tracking ID

              - Actual photo of the QR code and Tracking ID

              - A screenshot of the issue you are facing

              - A screenshot of the error message you are prompted (if any)

              - A rough estimate (date, time) of when the issue happened
        1. My recipient received the parcel damaged. How can I claim Ninja Van’s liability?

      In accordance with our Ninja Packs Terms and Conditions, in the event, the contents of a Ninja Pack are lost or damaged as a result of Ninja’s poor handling of the Ninja Pack and subject to Clause 4.b., Ninja Van shall be liable for no more than the value of the parcel or PHP 2,000, whichever is lower. If in the event that shipper was not able to follow the proper packaging guidelines and the parcel was damaged, Ninja Van will not be liable to any reimbursement of the said damage nor a replacement of packs. The reimbursed amount is inclusive of the cost of the Ninja Pack used and no replacement pack shall be provided. To claim liability, please reach out to us at and provide us with :

              - The damaged Pack's tracking ID

              - Pictures of the damaged Pack and the good it contained

              - Original invoice to certify the value of the goods

              As per our
      Ninja Packs Terms and Conditions
            , the maximum amount to be refunded is PHP 2,000, inclusive of the cost of the Ninja Pack.

      Please find below a list of items which can not be sent via Ninja Packs (prohibited items) and packaging instructions to ship with Ninja Packs.

      Please note that delivery is not available for the items listed below :

      1. Items that exceed the size specification (maximum weight of 30kg or up to 300cm sum of dimensions L+W+H)
      2. Credit cards or ATM cards
      3. Human or animal remains, religious artifices
      4. Firearms or swords
      5. Living things
      6. Poisonous or toxic substances
      7. Examination certificates, passports and insurance documentations which cannot be reproduced
      8. Written drafts, original films, tapes and film material which cannot be reproduced
      9. Flammable, ignitable or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas cannisters or paint thinner
      10. Cash, cheques, bills, stocks and other marketable securities
      11. Perishables such as vegetables, fruits, etc.
      12. Bulky items including (but not limited to) dumbbells, weights, packets of rice over 5kg
      13. Unprotected glass items including (but not limited to) bottles and containers of any kind. Each glass item should be wrapped in bubble wrap and overpacked in a protective hard box.

      Sending Parcels? Here's a quick guide on how to get you started.

      Please pack your valuables according to the guidelines below to maintain the condition of your items throughout the delivery process.

        1. External Packaging

      Internal packaging - Package should be packed tightly and snugly. If not, please fill up the empty space in between.
      (with paper, packing foam, etc).

        1. IrregularPackage

      Place irregular sized items in a large box and fill up the empty space in between.
      (with paper, packing foam, etc.).

        1. Ceramics

      Wraps ceramics, glass and other fragile items in protective materials.
      (e.g. bubble wrap.)

        1. Empty areas

      All packaging must be tight and snug. If not, please fill with filling materials.
      (e.g. styrofoam ball.)

        1. Fragile items

      All fragile items must be labelled with a fragile sticker.
      All fragile items must be wrapped securely with bubble wrap and placed in a box before being placed in a Ninja Pack.

        1. Clothing

      Ensure all pieces of clothing are neatly folded and packed to minimise crumpling or wrinkling during the delivery process.

        1. Address label

      Ensure that the exterior or packaging does not have any old address or tracking labels.

        1. Tracking label

      Each Ninja Pack must have a unique tracking label.

        1. Electronic devices

      Ensure that all electronic devices are powered off, and batteries should be removed from devices if possible.

        1. Bottles and liquids

      When sending liquor, wine, or other bottled items, please put them in an upright position and label the parcel with an "upright" sticker.
      Place all bottles containing liquids in plastic bags to prevent spillage.

      Additional markings and/or labels may be applied to the outer packaging during the delivery process.
      Items not appropriately packed/labelled may be subjected to either :

      (i) Relabelling / repackaging by Ninja Van staff at the shipper's cost.
      (ii) Rejection and subsequent return to sender for repackaging.

        1. Pick up and Delivery Areas

      For Ninja Van's Pick up and Delivery Areas, please click the link..

      For further information about Ninja Packs as well as the terms and conditions applying when shipping your goods with Ninja Packs, please consult our Ninja Packs Terms and Conditions.